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Kashmir Tourist Places

Kashmir, often referred to as “Paradise on Earth,” is a mesmerizing destination that beckons travelers with its breathtaking natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. Nestled in the northernmost region of India, this enchanting valley is a haven for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike. With its pristine lakes, majestic snow-capped mountains, and lush green meadows, Kashmir offers a visual spectacle that is truly awe-inspiring. Visitors can embark on serene boat rides on Dal Lake, explore the vibrant markets of Srinagar, or trek through the picturesque landscapes of Gulmarg. 

The region’s hospitable locals, known for their warmth and hospitality, welcome tourists with open arms, making every visit a memorable experience. Whether you seek tranquility amidst the mountains or wish to indulge in thrilling outdoor activities, Kashmir promises an unforgettable journey that will leave you enchanted and longing to return.

With its emerald green valleys, pristine lakes, and towering snow-capped peaks, it is a destination that seems straight out of a fairytale. The serene Dal Lake, surrounded by majestic mountains and adorned with charming houseboats, offers a unique and tranquil experience. The vibrant colors of the Mughal Gardens in Srinagar and the enchanting meadows of Gulmarg present an artist’s palette brought to life. Adventurous souls can explore the rugged terrain, go trekking amidst lush forests, or witness the breathtaking vistas from viewpoints like Pahalgam’s Aru Valley. The region’s cultural richness, manifested in its warm-hearted people, exquisite handicrafts, and delectable cuisine, adds another layer of enchantment to this paradise. Kashmir’s beauty is a sensory symphony that captivates travelers and leaves an enduring impression of awe and wonder.

Tourist Places To Visit In Kashmir

Sinthan top

Places To Visit In Kashmir

Kashmir, often referred to as “Paradise on Earth,” boasts a wealth of breathtaking destinations that beckon travelers from around the world. Here are some must-visit places in this enchanting region:



Srinagar, is a mesmerizing destination that enchants tourists with its breathtaking natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. Nestled in the heart of the Kashmir Valley, Srinagar is renowned for its serene Dal Lake, where traditional houseboats gently float amidst a backdrop of majestic snow-capped mountains. Visitors can indulge in a tranquil shikara ride on the lake or explore the vibrant Mughal gardens, such as Shalimar Bagh and Nishat Bagh, Chashmashahi and Pari Mahal. showcasing impeccable horticultural design. The city’s bustling markets offer a delightful array of handicrafts, including intricate Pashmina shawls, exquisite Kashmiri carpets, and aromatic spices. 

Additionally, Srinagar provides a glimpse into the local way of life with its historic mosques and wooden architecture. Whether it’s the pristine natural beauty or the warm hospitality of its people, Srinagar offers an unforgettable experience for every traveler.  Asia’s Largest Tulip garden (Indira Gandhi Tulip Garden) is also located in  Srinagar  city. The garden usually opens in April, so if you’re ever in the area around that time, be sure to check it out. 

Best Time To Visit: March to October

Things To Do In Srinagar: Stay in the boat house, Visit the Mughal gardens, Take the shikara ride

Places To Visit: Dal Lake, Mughal Gardens, Nishat Bagh 

Places To Stay: Srinagar is home to many five-star and four-star hotels, where you can stay and enjoy the beautiful city

  • The LaLit Grand Palace

  • S Group Of Houseboat
  • Vivanta Hotel By Taj – Dal View

  • Radisson Srinagar
  • Royal Group Of Houseboats
  • Lighthouse Group Of Houseboats

How to reach Srinagar

Srinagar is accessible by air, road, and railway from other parts of India. The nearest Railway Station to Srinagar is Srinagar Railway station. And the nearest Airport is Sheikh ul-Alam International Airport. You can hire a cab to reach this beautiful tourist place.



Gulmarg, a heavenly retreat nestled in the lap of the Pir Panjal range in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir, is a veritable paradise for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike. This charming hill station is renowned for its picturesque landscapes, especially during the winter when it transforms into a winter wonderland, blanketed in pristine, powdery snow. Gulmarg is home to one of the world’s highest golf courses, surrounded by lush green meadows that offer breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding peaks. 

During the colder months, it becomes a top-notch skiing and snowboarding destination, attracting enthusiasts from around the globe. The primary attraction that draws visitors to Gulmarg is the Gondola, a cable car system that transports tourists to two different altitudes, offering expansive vistas of the surrounding mountains and lush forests. The initial phase of the Gulmarg Gondola journey elevates visitors to Kangdoori, while the second phase ascends to the breathtaking Apharwat peak. Accommodation options in Gulmarg are abundant, with the prestigious five-star establishment, “Khyber Gulmarg,” being among the most renowned. To discover more about the diverse range of hotels available in Gulmarg, you can explore further information here.

During the winter season, the meadows of Gulmarg transform into a winter wonderland, cloaked in a thick, glistening layer of snow, creating a truly picturesque and captivating landscape. Experiencing a Gondola ride during this season is nothing short of extraordinary, offering an unforgettable and immersive winter experience.

Best Time To Visit: March to October, and for snow December & January would be the best

Things To Do In Gulmarg: Mountain Biking, trekking, Skiing if you visit in winters and Gondola rides for a panoramic view of the valley.

Places To Visit: Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve, Strawberry Field, Apharwat Peak

Places To Stay In Gulmarg

  • The Khyber Himalayan Resort & Spa

  • Hotel Heevan Retreat

  •  Grand Mumtaz Resorts Gulmarg

  • The Rosewood Hotel

How to reach Gulmarg

You can hire a cab from Srinagar to reach Gulmarg. The Srinagar to Gulmarg distance is about 50 kms.



Sonamarg, which translates to “Meadow of Gold,” is a pristine and enchanting destination located in the northern Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. Nestled amidst the Himalayan peaks, this breathtaking valley is renowned for its lush green meadows, dense forests, and glistening glaciers. Sonamarg serves as the gateway to some of the most challenging and thrilling treks in the region, attracting adventure enthusiasts from around the world. 

The Thajiwas Glacier, a short drive from Sonamarg, offers a surreal landscape of frozen streams and pristine snowfields, making it a popular attraction. The Sindh River that meanders through the valley adds to the scenic charm, while the traditional wooden houses and warm hospitality of the locals provide a glimpse into the rich culture of the region. Whether you seek adventure or simply wish to revel in the natural beauty, Sonamarg promises an unforgettable experience in the lap of the Himalayas.

Sonamarg is known for its natural beauty and outdoor activities. Visitors can enjoy trekking, horse riding, and white water rafting in the area. The Thajiwas Glacier, a small glacier located about 6 kilometers (4 miles) from Sonamarg, is also a popular attraction. The glacier is accessible by foot or by horse riding and offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains. You can also go to the one of the famous high passes “Zojila pass” from Sonamarg.

Best Time To Visit: April through October, December & January for snow

Things To Do In Sonamrg: Trekking, Camping and nature walks

Places To Visit: Thajwas glacier, Baltal valley, Zojila pass, Zero point

Places To Stay In Sonamarg

  • Snow Land Hotels & Resort Sonmarg

  • Hotel Glacier Heights

  • The Sultan Resort

  • Hotel Rah Villas

How to reach Sonamarg

The Srinagar to Sonamarg distance is around 80 km , Sonamarg can be easily reached by hiring a cab from Srinagar.



Pahalgam, often referred to as the “Valley of Shepherds,” is a picturesque town nestled in the heart of the Kashmir Valley in India. Known for its stunning landscapes and serene ambiance, Pahalgam is a haven for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike. It is particularly famous for the Lidder River, which flows through the town, offering opportunities for trout fishing and white-water rafting. The lush meadows surrounding Pahalgam are perfect for leisurely walks and horseback riding, providing breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains. Pahalgam also serves as a base for the revered Amarnath Yatra pilgrimage, attracting thousands of devotees each year. With its tranquil settings, pristine natural beauty, and various outdoor activities, Pahalgam is a must-visit destination for those looking to connect with nature and explore the scenic wonders of Kashmir.

Chandanwari is another famous places in Pahalgam. It is just 16 kilometers from Pahalgam, you need to hire a union cab to reach Chandanwari. The Betaab valley is a must-visit while traveling to Pahalgam. This valley got its name from the popular Bollywood movie Betaab, which was filmed here. The picturesque Baisaran valley, also known as “Mini Switzerland,” is a spot known for its stunning views of the Himalayan peaks. The Baisaran meadow is only a 5-kilometer walk from Pahalgam, but if you don’t feel like walking, you can hire a pony or horse ride instead. The Amarnath Cave, a holy site for Hindus, is located in Pahalgam. Pahalgam offers a range of adventure activities such as trekking, hiking, and mountaineering. Visitors can also enjoy pony or horse riding, river rafting, and photography in Pahalgam.

Best Time To Visit: March to October, December & January for snow

Things To Do In Pahalgam: Visit to Betab and Aru Valleys, Horseback riding, canoeing, Trekking

Places To Visit: Betab Valley, Baisaran valley, Lidderwat, Mamal Temple, Sheshnag Lake

Places To Stay In Pahalgam
  • Radisson Golf Resort Pahalgam

  • The Chinar Resort & Spa, Pahalgam

  • Royal Hillton Pahalgam

  • Kolahoi Green Resorts Pahalgam

How to reach Pahalgam

The Srinagar to Pahalgam distance is around 90 km , Pahalgam can be easily reached by hiring a cab from Srinagar.



Yousmarg, a hidden gem nestled in the heart of Jammu and Kashmir, is a pristine meadow that offers a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Located amid the resplendent Himalayan mountains, Yousmarg captivates visitors with its lush green meadows, dense forests, and gushing streams. This serene destination is perfect for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts, with opportunities for hiking, horse riding, and picnicking amidst the breathtaking scenery. Yousmarg remains relatively untouched by mass tourism, making it an ideal spot to soak in the natural beauty and experience the serenity of Kashmir. 

Whether you seek solace in the lap of nature or wish to explore the vibrant flora and fauna, Yousmarg promises a rejuvenating and soul-soothing experience. Yusmarg is a popular tourist destination, known for its natural beauty and outdoor activities. Visitors can enjoy trekking, horse riding, and picnicking in the area. The Doodh Ganga River, which flows through Yusmarg, is also a popular spot for fishing.

Best Time To Visit: March to October

Things To Do In Yousmarg: Trekking, pony-riding 

Places To Visit: Charari Sharief, Dudh Ganga

Places To Stay In Yousmarg
  • Hotel Kongposh

  • Whispering valley lake view cottage

How to reach Yousmarg

The Srinagar to yousmarg distance is around 48 km. Yousmarg can be easily reached by hiring a cab from Srinagar.



Doodhpathri, often referred to as the “Valley of Milk,” is a pristine and relatively unexplored destination tucked away in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. Located in the Buderwah region, this picturesque valley is renowned for its lush green meadows, gurgling streams, and serene landscapes. The name “Doodhpathri” is derived from the milky appearance of its streams, which are crystal clear and surrounded by a carpet of wildflowers.

This hidden gem offers a perfect getaway for nature enthusiasts, trekkers, and picnickers. The meadows here are an excellent spot for leisurely walks or horseback rides, and the region’s tranquility allows visitors to unwind amidst nature’s splendor. Doodhpathri remains refreshingly untouched by commercialization, making it a true haven for those seeking serenity and the pristine beauty of the Kashmir Valley.

Best Time To Visit: The months from April to September is the best time to visit doodhpathri. From November to February you can enjoy snowfall in doodhpathri.

Things To Do In Doodhpathri: Doodhpathri Sightseeing, Camping, Snowbiking, Pony riding, Trekking     

Places To Visit: Yousmarg, Charari Sharief, Tosamaidan, Nilnag

Places To Stay In Doodhpathri
  • Doodhpathri heights hotel and restrurant

  • Water Vibe Resorts

  • Snow Peak Chalet 

  • Hi Speed Resort

How to reach Doodhpathri

The Srinagar to Doodhpathri distance is around 51 km. Doodhpathri can be easily reached by hiring a cab from Srinagar.



Patnitop, a serene hill station nestled in the Udhampur district of Jammu and Kashmir, is a charming escape for nature lovers and adventure seekers. Perched at an altitude of 6,640 feet above sea level, this idyllic town is blessed with lush green meadows, dense forests, and panoramic views of the surrounding Shivalik range. Patnitop’s cool climate makes it a popular summer retreat, while in winter, it transforms into a winter wonderland with opportunities for skiing and snowboarding. The meandering Chenab River adds to the natural beauty, and the region offers a variety of trekking and camping opportunities. 

Patnitop is also known for its picturesque golf course and a quaint market where visitors can shop for local handicrafts. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful retreat or an adventurous getaway, Patnitop offers a delightful blend of both in the lap of the Himalayas. , Patnitop has created a niche in the tourism industry due to its surreal beauty.Along with this, the place also offers some thrilling activities that will treat the adrenaline junkie in you. It proves to be one of the top tourist places in Kashmir for both families and friends.

Best Time To Visit: May – June, September – October

Things To Do In Patnitop: Trekking, paragliding, and skiing    

Places To Visit: Sanasar Lake, Baglihar Dam, PatniTop Circular Road, Nathatop

Places To Stay In Patnitop
  • Hotel Samson

  • Hotel Trinetar Resort
  • Kassal Heights

  • Hotel Patnitop Heights.

How to reach Patnitop

The Srinagar to Doodhpathri distance is around 55 km. Doodhpathri can be easily reached by hiring a cab from Srinagar.

Sinthan top

sinthan top

Sinthan Top, located in the Indian union territory of Jammu and Kashmir, is a hidden gem nestled amidst the stunning Pir Panjal mountain range. This offbeat destination is known for its breathtaking natural beauty and panoramic views. Sinthan Top is particularly popular among adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers who seek tranquility away from the bustling tourist crowds. The winding roads that lead to Sinthan Top offer thrilling drives with picturesque landscapes at every turn, making it a haven for bikers and road trip enthusiasts.

During the winter months, the area is covered in a thick blanket of snow, making it an excellent spot for snow sports and activities. Whether you visit for its pristine beauty, adventure opportunities, or to simply escape the noise of city life, Sinthan Top promises a memorable and peaceful retreat in the lap of the Himalayas. The place is ideal for games like Para-gliding, horse riding, rock climbing and winter games like skiing, skating etc.

Best Time To Visit: The area remains inaccessible due to heavy snowfall, and the best time to visit is between April and September

Things To Do In Sinthan Top: Trekking, Camping, Sightseeing

Places To Visit: Kokernag, Achabala and Daksum

How to reach Sinthan Top

The Srinagar to Doodhpathri distance is around 74.5 km. Doodhpathri can be easily reached by hiring a cab from Srinagar.

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