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Things To Do In Kashmir In 2024

Things To Do In Kashmir In 2024

Kashmir is such a fascinating destination that it leaves its mark on one’s soul forever. It is a destination to be lived, not just explored. The charm of this destination increases manifold when you try out various things to do in Kashmir. Famed as the ‘Paradise on Earth’, Kashmir is a land of unsurpassed natural beauty offering its travelers a wide array of enthralling activities. Travel to any part of Kashmir, and you will be amazed to see the plethora ofthings to do in this wonderland.

Its varied geography makes it a perfect destination for all kinds of travelers, from adventure enthusiasts to those who want to relax in the sheer natural beauty. Enjoy breathtaking scenery, plunge into adventure activities, explore the historic marvels, treat your taste buds with lip-smacking local cuisine, and shop till you drop on your Kashmir tour.

Every year millions of tourists visit the Kashmir valley to enjoy their summer vacations, winter vacations, honeymoon trips and so many type of vacation could be! But most of worried what to do during Kashmir trip? Here we give answers to most of your questions about what are the things I should do, activities to undertake and what are the most fun things which should not be missed during your trip to Kashmir.

There are also ample opportunities for leisure for family travellers like heritage sightseeing and other exciting activities that provide both fun & relaxation like boating, photography, visiting the hill stations, museums & exploring the beautiful gardens. Some of the top adventure things to do in Jammu & Kashmir to try out are skiing, mountaineering, river rafting, skiing, paragliding, trekking & mountain biking.

List of Best Things to Do in Jammu & Kashmir

Mostly located in the Himalayan ranges, Kashmir offers a plethora of experiences that one must take by indulging in the below listed exciting things to do. The location and the terrain make some of the things are exclusive to this destination, so go ahead and enjoy all of these. Take a look!

Shikara Ride

Shikara Ride on Dal Lake

Step into the world of splendid beauty and serenity through a Shikara ride on Dal Lake. It’s a mesmerizing lake offering majestic views of snow-capped mountains, picture-perfect sunset views, floating gardens, the melodious sound of birds chirping, and much more. Sailing through its water on a beautifully decked-up Shikara (boat) is an amazing experience. Shikara ride also takes you to the traditional & beautiful houseboats. You can even shop for some jewelry or other handicrafts from the floating market. This ride will surely leave you with memories for a lifetime. Another lake where you can enjoy a Shikara ride is Nagin Lake.

Stay in a Houseboat


Float in the embrace of a tranquil lake, accompanied by the choral symphony of water ripples – that’s a houseboat stay in Kashmir for you, one of the best things to do in Kashmir. Consider yourself lounging in a lavishly decorated floating suite, the scent of intricate walnut woodwork mingling with the crisp morning air. 

Outside your window, the sun’s reflection shimmers on the surface of Dal Lake, creating an ever-changing landscape of liquid gold. All around you is a symphony of nature, a spectacle of sights, sounds, and scents – an unparalleled sensory experience.

The houseboat journey engulfs you in a dreamy embrace, with each moment singing a different ballad. The setting sun bathes the landscape in a mesmerizing palette of warm hues as dusk falls, beautifully mirrored by the calm waters. 

Gondola Cable Car Ride

gulmarg in winter

Behold the magnificent Gulmarg, a treasure trove where pristine white embraces azure blue and the mountains echo with a thousand tales. A unique journey awaits in this wonderland, not on foot or horseback, but on an aerial chariot known as the Gondola.

As you step into the gondola, a cocoon swaying gently at the mercy of the mountain winds, your heart may skip a beat. As the doors close and the gondola frees itself from its earthly bonds, an incredible canvas of nature’s artistry unfolds before your eyes. The ascent begins a ballet of motion on celestial strings that lifts you higher and higher above the legendary Gulmarg.

Explore Mughal Gardens

Explore Mughal Gardens

The ‘Heaven on Earth’ Kashmir is blessed with picturesque beauty. The verdant gardens in the valley are proof to its beauty. Visiting Mughal gardens built in charbagh style of architecture by various Mughal princes and courtiers definitely count as one of best places to visit in Kashmir Valley.

The concept of gardens for leisure came from the valleys. Beautifully laid paths amidst green beauty, gurgling fountains and vibrant blossoms make the Mughal gardens all the more captivating for its visitors. Walk around to explore the magnificence of the verdant spreads.

Gulmarg Golf Club

_ Gulmarg Golf Club

There are four world-class golf courses in Kashmir with each one of them ensuring beautiful landscapes. Gulmarg and Srinagar are the top destinations for golfing in Kashmir. The mesmerizing locations of emerald greenery surrounded by Pine and Chinar trees is awe-inspiring. Another pleasant reason to go for golfing in these courses is that they are never fully crowded. You can completely relax and complete rounds at your pace.

The Gulmarg Golf Club is coveted as one of the largest and highest 18-hole golf courses in the world. Playing golf in this ‘Meadow of Flowers’ is, indeed, one of the most fun-filled activities to do in Jammu and Kashmir. This destination has a natural golf course so enjoy this game in the lap of nature.

Pony Ride In Kashmir

_Pony Ride to Thajiwas Glacier

Scenic landscapes enchant all visitors but sometime your feet might not carry you through the dizzying heights and long distances, in such case ponies take you to theses magical locations.

You can find horse (ponies) in popular holiday resorts especially on those places where some roads are not motor able in highlands. Tourists hire ponies to carry out trekking activity in the highlands of the valley. At pocket friendly costs you can hire the beasts. Make sure to carry food and water along with you on your rides.

Marvel at the mesmerizing beauty of Sonmarg on your pony ride to Thajiwas Glacier located at an altitude of 3,000 m. The leisurely ride will take you through picturesque locations that seem to just pop out of a fairy tale book. The Thajiwas Glacier is a popular tourist destination of Sonmarg which can be best reached on a pony.

River Rafting

River Rafting

Kashmir is home to several mesmerizing rivers offering great opportunities for river rafting. And river rafting in Kashmir is not only about adventure but much more than that. River rafting, a must-try-out adventure activity in Kashmir, attracts adventure enthusiasts from across the globe to the waters of the Zanskar and Lidder rivers. Enjoy river rafting while enjoying the sights of snow-capped mountains, gorgeous greenery, and refreshing landscapes. White water rafting on the Lidder River in Pahalgam is the most famous and river rafting at Zanskar River is more challenging. Sonmarg is another popular destination for river rafting in Kashmir. 

White river rafting is one of the most adrenaline rush giving adventurous things to do in Kashmir. The rapids here are easy or moderate, which implies that rafting in Kashmir is not very difficult. You can go rafting near Sonamarg as well. However, the white water rafting in the Lidder river in Pahalgam is more famous. Teamwork coordination is an important feature in river rafting and you must also follow the safety instructions given by the instructors


  • Short Lidder River Rafting: 3 km (Pahalgam) | Yarganpal to Yaneed Bridge | Grades II & III
  • Medium Sindh River Rafting: 8 km (Sonamarg) | Mamar to Satrun Margund | Grades II, III, & IV
  • Long Sindh River Rafting: 28 km (Sonamarg) | Mamar to Wayul Bridge | Grades II, III, & IV

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Trekking In Kashmir


With mountains generously covering the landscape of Jammu and Kashmir, trekking has become one of the best things to do here. Though in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, trekking in Ladakh is more famous. There are short treks and hikes that tourists can take in the valleys of Kashmir. There are many high altitude alpine lakes in Kashmir, such as Vishansar Lake, Tarsar Lake, Gadsar Lake, Alpather Lake, and Satsar Lake.

Since these beautiful lakes can only be accessed after scaling the hills, trekking has become one of the best things to do in Kashmir for the nature lovers and adventure seekers. No matter how long the trek is, the final view from the top is definitely going to be breathtaking. Make sure you wear a comfortable and grippy pair of footwear to the trek. Carry enough water to drink, and wear you sunscreens too.

Camping In Kashmir

  • Best time for Camping in Kashmir – March to Oct
  • Best Places for Camping in Kashmir – Gulmarg, Aru Valley, Lidderwat, Sonamarg, Yousmarg, Pahalgam

If you want to enjoy fresh air of the mountains with breathtaking views! No place will be batter from Kashmir! Actually Campers can enjoy the paradisaical beauty in the valley. Go for camping, trekking at places by the rivers on the top of mountains and wherever you heart wants. Savor the natural bliss so abundant here.

The days spent away from chaos of cities, breathing in pure air of mountains, sleeping under the unpolluted skies opening up to inspiring views of the Milky Way is simply unforgettable.

There is no shortage of beautiful camp sites in the state where one can come close to nature. Pahalgam, Aru Valley, Yusmarg, Pangong Lake, Nubra Valley, Gulmarg and Sonamarg are wonderful places to enjoy camping during summers because of their pleasing weather conditions. If you want to turn this leisure activity into an adventure activity then winter is recommended. Also, go for high-altitude treks as they are more conducive to camping activities.

Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden

indra gandhi

Your visit to Kashmir is incomplete without visiting this beautiful tulip garden. Called the Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden, it is one of Asia’s largest tulip garden. Apart from tulip there are many other species of garden – hyacinths, daffodils and ranunculus. The best time to visit this garden is from March to May. Every year in April, tulip festival is celebrated in which tourists can enjoy the mesmerizing views of the garden at its full bloom.

Skiing And Snowboarding

kashmir car package

Kashmir is a cold region, with snow-capped mountains and freezing – cold river streams, and to experience it at its best, you must visit Kashmir in the winter season. This is one of the best things to do in Kashmir in Winter. With the onset of winters, Pahalgam, Sonamarg, and Gulmarg are entirely covered in snow. And this open ups an opportunity for winter sports. Snowboarding and skiing are the best things to do in Kashmir during winters, especially if you have an adrenaline rush to satiate. If you are looking for things to do in Gulamrg, then you should try skiing there.

Shopping in Kashmir

things to buy in kashmir

Shopping is one of the most common things to do in Kashmir. And no, I do not mean just antiques and other souvenirs. Tourists here can shop for exquisite Kashmiri handlooms and Pashmina shawls, antique copperware like samovars, Namda hand-woven carpets, local garments called Ferins, and expensive Doda Sapphire. And then there are flowers, fruits, and vegetables sold on the shikaras in Dal Lake. More than what you buy, how you buy will be the reason for your excitement here.


There are a bunch of activities that you can do in Kashmir, some of which are: Mountain biking, skiing, gondola ride, shikara ride, golfing.

Following are the do’s and don’ts that you should keep in your mind while travelling to Kashmir. 1. Carry warm clothing with you, no matter which month you are travelling in. 2. Book hotels that provide room heating facilities. 3. Carry basic medicines with you. 4. Avoid carrying too much cash. 5. Hire licensed guides only for travelling. 6. Make sure to dress appropriately while visiting holy places.

The best time to visit Kashmir is from March to October. You can experience three of the four basic seasons this place witnesses during this time – spring, summer, and autumn.

Kashmir boasts a number of attractions, including Dal Lake, Gulmarg, Pahalgam, Sonmarg, and the Mughal Gardens.

Yes, ensure to explore the vibrant markets of Srinagar, such as Lal Chowk and Polo View, to immerse yourself in the rich culture and purchase authentic Kashmiri handicrafts.

Shikara rides in Dal Lake provide a unique way to immerse yourself in local life, witness floating gardens, and glide past historic houseboats, creating indelible memories.

You can opt for a taxi or shared cab from Srinagar to Gulmarg, enjoying a scenic drive that takes approximately 2 hours.

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